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Driving Instructors Association

Driving Instructors Association


Special Offer...   £90 off Beginners Course in September 2024
                                £60 off 6 Day Course in September 2024
                                £30 off 5 Day Course in September 2024

(When booked and paid for by 31st May 2024)

5 & 6 day Intensive Driving Courses Chatham, Gillingham & Rainham in September 2024

Beginners Intensive Driving Course (43hrs)  £1423  +  test fee £62   Total  £1485  £1395 (Sep 2024)

6 Day Intensive Driving Course         (28hrs)   £928  +  test fee £62   Total    £990    £930 (Sep 2024)

5 Day Intensive Driving Course         (23hrs)   £763  +  test fee £62   Total    £825    £795 (Sep 2024)

Intensive Driving Courses
5 & 6 Day Intensive Driving Courses in Chatham.  Beginners 43 hour driving course with FREE re-test, Learn to Drive in 1 Week, Door to Door Service.

Please note that a valid theory test certificate is required to be able to book a practical driving test for the last day of the your Intensive Driving Course.

Full payment is required when booking one of our Intensive Driving Courses in Chatham, Gillingham & Rainham.

FREE re-test

FREE re-test
If you do not pass your driving test 1st time, after taking a 43 hour Beginners course, we will book and pay for your next driving test (£62.00), if you continue weekly driving lessons with the Gold School of Motoring.

If the pupil fails their driving test, after having completed a 43 hour Beginners driving course with the GOLD SCHOOL OF MOTORING, their next driving test fee will be paid for, on condition that they take at least a 1 hour driving lesson per week, between each driving test, and a 1 hour driving lesson on the day of their driving test. All driving lessons taken between driving tests and on the day of the driving test will be charged at the current hourly rate. The driving test fee does not include the hire of the tuition vehicle for use on the driving test (1hr).

These are the main areas we cover


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