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Driving Instructors Association

Driving Instructors Association


About Gold School Of Motoring...

Intensive Driving Courses
4 & 5 Day Intensive Driving Courses in Gillingham FREE re-test, Learn to Drive in 1 Week Door to Door Service.

Gold School of Motoring is a Gillingham based driving school, covering Gillingham, Rainham and the Chatham area of Medway. 

We have been established since 1993 and have built a reputation for helping people to pass their driving test as quickly and painlessly as possible. We have been one of the main providers of Intensive Driving Courses in Gillingham for over 16 years. In that time hundreds of satisfied clients have experienced the benefit of taking “The Gold Intensive Driving Course”.

You will carry out your Intensive Driving Course in Gillingham, so that you can become familiar with the area, where you will be taking your driving test.

Intensive Driving Courses are carried out in a Vauxhall Astra equipped with Power Steering, ABS Braking, Parking Sensors, Air Conditioning & Dual Controls for your maximum comfort and safety.

Your Intensive Driving Course will be 1:1 tuition, there is no car sharing. We do not use mobile phones during lessons.

Learn to drive in 1 week

FREE re-test
If you do not pass your driving test 1st time, we will book and pay for your next driving test (£62.00), if you continue weekly driving lessons with the Gold School of Motoring.

Choose from the following Intensive Driving Courses in Gillingham:

4 Day Intensive Driving Course (24 hrs)

The 4 Day Intensive Driving Course is designed for people who have been taking driving lessons recently, and know how to drive on main roads with very little help, and have practiced some manoeuvres. This course is also suitable for people who have failed a test within the last 2 months. The course covers all aspects of the driving test, and includes Mock tests.

5 Day Intensive Driving Course (31 hrs)

The 5 Day Intensive Driving Course is designed for people with limited driving experience, or for people that have not driven within the last 2 months. This course starts on a quiet estate, so that you can be confident with the control of the car, before going onto main roads and joining traffic. Nervous people or people with serious driving faults would also benefit from this longer Intensive course. For people with no driving experience we would recommend you take a few hourly driving lessons before starting this Intensive course, just so you know the basics. The course covers all aspects of the driving test, and includes Mock tests.

Pass Plus

Passed your driving test? What’s next?

Pass Plus is a short driving course, with no test to take at the end. It provides you with additional driving experience, including motorway driving and helps you make the transition into becoming an independent safe driver. Pass Plus could save you money on your car insurance.

The scheme has been designed by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA), with the help of the motor insurance and driving instruction industries.

Participating insurers will generally give you a one-step progression on their discount scale when you insure your own car. This means a one-year’s no-claims bonus. You may be able to defer the no-claims bonus for up to two years if you currently drive under someone else’s policy.

After sussessfully completing the whole syllabus to an achieved or exceeded level of driving competence, you’ll receive a Certificate of Completion.

Please check with your insurer as individual policies may vary.

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